MTV Deems "Crazy Cool" Too Racy for TV

Source: People Weekly, September 4, 1995
Author: Tom Cunneff

The job of head of standards at MTV may be open since Michelle Vonfeld left in early August, but the network continues to be vigilant about screening out what it considers to be inappropriate material. Just ask singer Paula Abdul, who was recently told that she needed to have her new video for "Crazy Cool" reedited before it could be aired on the video network.

The problem: dance moves in which Abdul suggestively swivels her hips while leaning on a cane. The bewildered singer insisted that she was merely executing dance moves, but MTV was unconvinced.

Says a spokesperson: "Our standards don't have anything to do with choreography." Ultimately, Abdul and director Matthew Rolston returned to the editing room to comply with the network.

The video begins airing this week... - The Official Paula Abdul Fan Site
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