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Cardio Dance


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Cardio Dance
Cardio Dance (Reissue)


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Cardio Dance

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Welcome to a new era in Paula Abdul Fitness! Introducing Paula Abdul’s latest and greatest Aerobic workout yet!

“Cardio Dance” is Paula’s newest workout video and combines the best of her unique style with a dance-packed cardio workout!

The video is great for beginners and challenging enough for the “pros.”  In fact, the workout is so much fun, you’ll forget all about the ‘work’ part.

Each segment on the video is taught slowly in a dance-class style by Paula and her four background dancers.

After you understand the steps Paula speeds things up and adds the previous learned steps.  At the end of the video she puts all of the steps together and really keeps you moving!

Many of the segments feature Paula dancing in a single shot on the lower portion of your television screen.  This allows you the advantage of watching the steps in reverse, with Paula facing the same direction as you for easier learning.

Paula teaches a cardio-packed workout followed by lower body toning and a dancer’s stretch.  There are also exercises that tone your thighs, buttocks and calves.

The music in the video is upbeat and works well with the mood of the video.

“Cardio Dance” is a must-have for all Paula Abdul fans and for those who want to get fit and have a great time while working out!

Cardio DanceThe DVD edition of “Cardio Dance” features:

* A lengthy “Behind-the-Scenes” Photo-shoot featurette
* A full-frame presentation
* Music-only audio option
* Instructor-enhanced audio option for working out to your own music.

Click Here to purchase Cardio Dance on VHS or DVD on

Official Summary

Who said exercise has to be like work?

This is the workout for people who want to have fun! Paula Abdul brings you the best of her own unique style in this dance-packed cardio workout, followed by lower body toning and a dancer’s stretch. Count on it, you’ll break a sweat, AND, you’ll get in shape.
Still image of Paula Abdul in Cardio Dance
The cardio segment is taught dance-class style, a segment at a time, and then you’ll put it all together at the end. Paula teaches each routine slowly, then speeds it up to tempo.

Paula’s style of dance – classy yet funky and “edgy” choreography – looks challenging, yet the basic steps are simple. She makes the transitions between steps so smooth, you’ll be into the next move without even knowing how you got there. Plus, if you’re a “footwatcher,” you’ll have the advantage of watching the steps in reverse, with Paula facing the same direction as your learn.

In the lower body toning segment, be ready for some classic dance-inspired exercises to tone and define your thighs, buttocks and calves. These exercises are moves that dancers use as part of their core training.

Production Notes and Credits

Running Time: 45 minutes

Executive Producers: Paula Abdul, Alan Mruvka and Marilyn Vance
Producer: Randy Rowen
Director: Steve Purcell

Distributed by: Anchor Bay Entertainment
© 1998 Paula Abdul Fitness


Cardio Dance


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