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Love Don’t Come Easy
from the album “Head Over Heels”

It all went down at the cantina that she liked
Everyone would watch her as she danced all through the lights
She was the center of attraction in him mind
Maria thought she'd never find a man worth her time
Oooo he came into the room
Oooo she really liked the way that he began to move
They were in the mood for romancin'
There's a fire in little Havana
Flame so hot you can't stand it
Things are getting a little crazy
Someone better tell them that

Love don't come that easy
(I know you're ready boy)
We've got to control all emotions that we're feeling
Love don't come that easy
We've gotta be strong
We've gotta stay strong

As he took her in his arms
She got an instant chill
A sense of passion
She thought no one could make her feel
Their bodies moved with such intensity
The lights went down
Made sighs of pleasure
Like there was no one else around
Ooh now she's in the mood
Ooh to show him what she wants to do
She's got him crazy
There's a fire in little Havana
Flame so hot you can't stand it
Things are getting a little crazy
Can you feel it
Are you ready


Head Over Heels

Click Here to learn about Paula Abdul’s
Head Over Heels album.

Written by Robb Boldt/Howie Hersh/Iki Levy/Paula Abdul/Da' Count/Eric Monsanty/Cha'n Andre

© 1995 RK Boldt Music/Emerald Empire Music (BMI)/Sony Tunes, Inc./H-Bomb-H, Inc./Iki Levy Music/P.J.A. Music/Plastik Surgeons Music (ASCAP). All rights on behalf of Sony Tunes, Inc. & H-Bomb-H, Inc. administered by Sony Music Publishing, Nashville, TN. All rights reserved. International copyright secured. Used by permission. Produced by Howie Hersh, Iki Levy, Robb Boldt, Da' Count, Eric Monsanty and Cha'n Andre. Lead Vocal: Paula Abdul. Background Vocals: Paula Abdul, Robb Boldt, Heidi Wanser and Mona Lisa Young. Keyboard: Howie Hersh. Percussion: Iki Levy. Guitar: Bill Wiseman. Programmed by Iki Levy, Howie Hersh and Eric Monsanty. Vocal Arrangement: Robb Boldt and Cha'n Andre. Engineer: Martin Hornburg. Mixed by Keith "K.C." Cohen at Larrabee Studios.

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