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Sexy Thoughts
from the album “Head Over Heels”

Day or night it's the way of life
Whatever keeps me pumpin'
Whatever makes me feel alright
Well I've been tryin' to find myself
I was in a trance but now I feel like dancin
Put on your platforms, get your move on
Won't flow to nothin' I don't like
My vibe is mental, it's never gentle
You gotta do your own thing move it side to side
Now if you love yourself, throw your hands in the air
And if you think you're sexy
Clap your hands like you just don't care

All you gotta do
(Sexy things)
Is be a little sexy
(Bring sexy thoughts)
All you gotta do
(Sexy thoughts, SEX)
Is be a little sexy

I got an attitude
I got a complex
I'm feeling funky
I bet'cha knew that
When you saw me
(You thought you could take me to another place)
But I ain't hip to that
I ain't with that
Here comes the spotlights
I gotta get mine, so move that body
If you ain't got it
It's all about strength, poise, so make some noise
You don't have to let nobody know
How you're gonna steal the show
Now if you love yourself, throw your hands in the air
And if you think you're sexy
Clap your hands like you just don't care


Head Over Heels

Click Here to learn about Paula Abdul’s
Head Over Heels album.

Written by Robb Boldt/Howie Hersh/Iki Levy

© 1995 RK Boldt Music (BMI)/Sony Tunes, Inc./H-Bomb-H, Inc./Iki Levy Music (ASCAP). All rights on behalf of Sony Tunes, Inc. & H-Bomb-H, Inc. administered by Sony Music Publishing, Nashville, TN. All rights reserved. International copyright secured. Used by permission. Produced and arranged by Howie Hersh, Iki Levy and Robb Boldt. Lead Vocal: Paula Abdul. Background Vocals: Paula Abdul and Robb Boldt. Keyboard: Howie Hersh. Drums and Percussion: Iki Levy. Sound Effects: Blake Leyh. Programmed by Iki Levy, Howie Hersh and Robb Boldt. Vocal Arrangement: Robb Boldt and Cha'n Andre. Engineers: Thom Russo, Jr., Scott Blockland. Mixed by Keith "K.C." Cohen at Encore Studios.

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