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Under My Spell Tour Live


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Under My Spell Live
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Under My Spell Live

Under My Spell Live

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Paula Abdul performs her hit song Straight Up during the Under My Spell TourTo promote Paula Abdul’s “Spellbound” album she launched her first worldwide tour. The tour was originally slated to open August 1991 but didn’t actually start until October 26th, 1991.

MTV, showing strong support for Paula and the album held a “Name Paula’s Tour” contest in search of a name for Paula’s “Spellbound” tour.  “Under My Spell” was the name chosen for the tour... the rest is history!

The tour was almost canceled before it began because Paula injured her leg by catching her heel in a groove of the stage while rehearsing. Paula was going to have to cancel until a Chinese acupuncturist allowed her to walk again.

Several shows were sold out, including the show in Los Angeles where Magic Johnson retired Paula’s cheerleading uniform.

“Under My Spell Live” was filmed during a live performance in Yokohama, Japan and released on home video in VHS and laserdisc formats in 1993. The concert also aired numerous times on the Disney Channel in 1993.

The tour ended up grossing over $60 million dollars.

Paula’s Band and Dancers

The Band

Darrell Smith - Keyboards
Sam Sims - Bass
Ming Freeman - Keyboards
Sonny Emory - Drums
Tony Maiden - Guitar
Cleto Escobedo - Saxophone / Keyboards
Paula Brown - Vocals
Rasheeda Azar - Vocals
Ameerah Tatum - Vocals

The Dancers

Sybil Azur
Terry Beeman
Bill Bohl
Nathan Prevost
Denise Holland
Tiger Martina
Keith “Tyce” Diorio
Nancy O’Meara

Under My Spell Tour Setlist
1. Paula’s Overture
2. Spellbound
3. Straight Up
4. Promise Of A New Day
5. Vibeology
6. Opposites Attract
7. U
8. Blowing Kisses In The Wind
9. Rush, Rush
10. The Way That You Love Me
11. Cold Hearted
12. Forever Your Girl

(Additional performances of “Will You Marry Me?” and “Alright Tonight” were also performed at
certain concert venues.

Skits featuring MC Skat Kat (to promote his new album) and others featuring Paula (ie. her dancers taking off her tap shoes) and interaction with the audience were performed in-between songs, not shown on the home video release.

Tour Dates
North America
10/26 Birmingham, AL
10/28 Orlando, FL
10/29 Miami, FL
10/31 Pensacola, FL
11/01 Atlanta, GA
11/03 Charlotte, NC
11/05 Greensboro, NC
11/07 Pittsburg, PA
11/08 Auburn Hills, MI
11/09 Auburn Hills, MI
11/11 Richfield, OH
11/13 Hartford, CT
11/14 Worchester, MA
11/15 Worchester, MA
11/17 Uniondale, NY
11/18 East Rutherford, NJ
11/20 Albany, NY
11/21 Landover, MD
11/23 Toronto, Ont
11/24 Buffalo, NY
11/26 Rosemont, IL
11/27 Rosemont, IL
11/29 Milwaukee, WI
11/30 Minneapolis, MN
12/05 Inglewood, CA
12/06 Inglewood, CA
12/07 Inglewood, CA
12/09 Phoenix, AZ
12/11 San Diego, CA
12/13 Sacramento, CA
12/15 Oakland, CA

San Jose
Los Angeles
Las Vegas
St. Louis
New York
Washington DC


Hong Kong
Osaka(1992/2/5・6 Osaka-jo Hall)
Yokohama(1992/2/8・9 Yokohama Arena)
Tokyo(1992/2/12・13・14 Nippon Budokan)


Paula Abdul performs Vibeology during the Under My Spell tour

Fun Fact

The Paula Abdul Fan Club Newsletter reported that Paula's cast and crew were notorious for pulling some pranks while on the road. For example, Emilio Estevez (Paula’s then-husband) stood in Arsenio Hall's place in the video screen for “Straight Up” and two MC Skat Kat costumes once appeared on stage during “Opposites Attract” instead of the usual ‘one’.

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Under My Spell Tour - Lighting Design - Peter Morse

Production Notes and Credits

Running time: Approximately 62 minutes
Photography by: Alan Silfen

Video & Artwork ©1993 Paula Abdul Inc.
Manufactured and Marketed by: PolyGram Video

Under My Spell Tourbook and Tour Photos

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